All Eyez On Jeff

by Maldevera

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Straight X Fucked
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Straight X Fucked Great Texas thrash. They kill live
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released March 23, 2015

Produced by Alan Bancroft and Maldevera.
Mixed and Mastered by Alan Bancroft.
Band photos by Emma Joann Lytle.
Artwork by Parker Turney.

All Music by Maldevera.

Special thanks to Jeff.



all rights reserved


Maldevera Dallas, Texas

Technical Thrash-toidz

"Taste the corners of your mind."

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Track Name: Dregbeat
Parasitic paragon, you've drowned the remnants of your soul, it's seeping into negligence and spewing shit from every orifice. Dismember the Dregbeat. Pathogenic leech cries for a host to suck dry. Drain the lowest dregs conceived; the Dregbeat has surfaced!
Track Name: Voyager Destroyer
Objection to ride in this day and age; luxuries and opulence prolong pain. The senses that you override were lost long ago; mutant is the domesticated will to survive. The travels that make us burn plastic into dust. Nomads prepared beyond the pleb's prayer. A voyage destroyed, a life not well spent, despising mortality you decide to repent. The wholesale disease will not face disclosure. Rid the machines, a mass grave has been dug to pacify time, to tame mortal nature is still blasphemous; slander to the god sun. Don't compromise with door-to-door seizures. Embrace what is feral, revitalized seasons.
Track Name: Maldevera
Assimilating what we want as all we are. Denial of unpure, untrue thrown to the dogs. Viper of materialistic consumption. Decadent culture mans the wheel of progression. Feast on the death, pedestrian flesh. Strung-out, deprived, seeding the urges I find. Evil embodies intentional harm. Scorn for the weak; abolish the blind. Incessant fire, our strength will not relent. To live under lavish chains, you wish, but soon regret. To those who cross us, demise will soon be met. Maldeviant instinct, to kill without a threat.